Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another time, Another Place - Part 2

Outside Ireland, U2 would initially be viewed as another post-punk provincial prodigy regularly associated with Simple Minds and Echo and the Bunnymen to the latter’s oft-quoted dismay.
Later Bono would talk of U2 using the “primary colours” of rock in their classic four-man-line-up, and the basic elements were there form the start. Through Bono, U2 rejected rock’s manneredness. Never afraid to look flustered or foolish _Bono was reversing rock’s ideas of sophistication.
Later he would conceive of himself as “an offering to the audience” and he already had the ability to river their attention. Of course, with that magnetism there were many mistakes. But Bono learned to use them, he rarely repeated the same error.
Early U2 can’t be understood without a detailed examination of their Irish background. For even the punk rebellion would have its own peculiarly ambiguous meanings specific to Ireland alone.

Adapted from Graham, Bill. (1989)U2,The Early Days- Another Time Another Place Arrow (A Division of Random House Group

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